Home and office AutomationHome & office automation is vital to the success of your business.  We provide automation consultancy services according to your home and office needs.We offer automation related products, home & office surveillance systems, CCTV, door  access control, bio-metric recognition systems, magnetic lock, RFID, EAS, library system, VMS (Visitor Management System), network internet solutions, server, desktop pc, notebook, hand-held, industrial computer, software development, visual audio products, computer accessories and consultancy services. For more info, please write us.

Vehicle and Personal Tracking systemWe offer power full vehicle-tracking solutions based on the Global Positioning System (GPS), GSM & GPRS technology. With amazing accuracy, it gathers miles driven on a daily basis, maintains time for billing records and produces comprehensive reports on all travel activities. Personal tracking system is the perfect way to keep track of your kids whether they’re at home, school, sports practice, a friend’s house, or any other location. This small, lightweight device is a simple to use GPS tracking, monitoring, and security system which can be carried or attached to your child’s clothing, belt, or backpack. Whether you’re an independent sales representative or a concerned parent with a watchful eye on your teenager’s day as well as late night activity, eLab can work for you. It’s a real time and money-saver — and in some cases, a lifesaver! Please don’t hesitate contact us for more information.

Mass ProductionIf you want to shorten your product development cycle, it just makes sense to outsource your product development & Mass production of existing or new design to us. eLab offers a comprehensive set of hardware and software engineering design services, which include product development from concept to prototype and Mass production quality designs. Being a design firm & due to low operating costs in Pakistan, international customers (USA, Canada, UK, Australia etc) can expect cost reductions of several times compared to their local design firms. For most projects cost savings of 1/2 to 1/4th can be expected. Our goal is to work with customers who are looking to outsource their design, development & production jobs to lower design, maintenance & production costs with improved quality levels. For more information, Please refer to expertise.

Online Training & Education KitsWe provide technical consultancy to engineering & technical students. We offer full length courses, seminars, workshops and brainstorming sessions related to Electrical & Electronics, Telecommunication, Computer, Embedded system, Power Electronics, Information system, Mechanical Engineering. We also conduct courses for corporate clients and professional executives. We also develop custom trainers for Analogue, Digital, Embedded & Communication system. If you need more detail then please explore our website for more info.

Industrial AutomationeLab is a leading industrial automation company offering perfect process automation solution. We excel in the field of Industrial Automation, Instrumentation & Controls and Electrical operation with a view to provide solutions throughout the plant. We have a vast experience in executing Projects for Industrial Automation, Instrumentation & Electrical systems. For more info, please visit our detail website.

Point of Sale SystemeLab POS Solutions present a range of most reliable, flexible and easy-to-use Point of Sale Solutions for your business. Our products cater to processing unit from procuring raw material to sales of processed goods to wastage management. we offer, RFID based Car Parking with automatic Parking fee collection, Library management system, Customer/ Queue Management system, Smart card based vending system and much more. Please explore our website for more information.

PCB FabricationeLab is specialist in Printed Circuit Board (PCB) layout designing, Prototyping and Testing. We provide a wide range of services, including Schematic, PCB layout, PCB board fabrication, Component Mounting and Prototype testing. Our expertise covers minimizing layer count for high-volume low cost products. We can design the PCB up to 20+ layer for complex boards. Please click here for more details.

Bi-fuel systemeLab designed the Dual-Fuel conversion System, Automatic Transfer Switch, Automatic Mains Failure system  for 10KVA to 1000KVA Diesel  Generators. Our Designed Dual-Fuel system can be reduce Diesel consumption up to 70% on full load condition. We also deal in Automatic Transfer Switch & Automatic Main Failure system and Industrial Panel designing & custom wiring. Please write us about your requirement.

LED lightsLight Emitting Diodes, or LEDs, are semiconductors that emit light when a current is passed through them.  LED lighting has many advantages over other conventional lighting technologies. At eLab, we refer LED lights because of three main advantages Economical, Durable, and Environmental friendly. Commercially LED lighting can produce up to 100 Lumens/Watt, compared with about 15 Lumens/Watt for incandescent. LED light sources are smaller, more robust, more durable, and electronically more readily manipulated than other lighting technologies.We designed custom LED based lights from 1watt to 500watts depending upon your requirements. Please explore our site for more information.

We provide product enclosure for new systems and as well as for existing system if the existing systems is failing due to improper heating arrangement, we provide rugged electronic enclosure which have proper heating arrangement to dissipate the heat and keep the system within allowable temperature ranges. Regarding Product Casing, System integration and up-gradation please click on expertise for more information.


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