Used Industrial Electronic & Bio-medical Equipments

We also offer Used industrial Parts, Machines and Equipments in reasonable price. We deal in the following used items;

Industrial Equipments, PLCs, Motors & Drives:

  • All type of AC/ DC Servo and spindle motor & miniature type of motors
  • All type of Stepper Motors (2phase to 5 phase) Permanent magnet (PM), Variable-reluctance (VR) & Hybrid
  • Variable Frequency Drives (all type),
  • DC Drives
  • Stepper Motor Drive (all type)
  • Synchros & Resolvers (Selsyn motors) & digital Converters
  • All type of Encoders, Resolvers, Pulse Coders, Tacho Generators


All type of Used CNC Machine (including Milling, Lathe, SAW, EDM, Wire Cut), Packaging Machine, Welding Machine, Coating Machine, Winding Machine, Drilling Machine, Boring Machine, Grinding Machine, Presses Machine, Balancing Machine.
All type of used Compressors, Conveyors, Cranes, Blower, Rolls, Punches, Benders, Fans, Ovens, Furnaces, Pumps, Breakers, Contractors, Relays, Switch Gear, Distribution Boxes, Control Panels, and Generators.
All type of Sensors, Accessories, Spare parts & Instrumentation equipments used in Process Industry, Chemical Industry, Pharmaceutical Industry, Cement Industry, Sugar Industry, Chiller/ HVAC Plants.

Electronic Equipment:

All type of Used Oscilloscopes, Power Supplies, Battery chargers, Function/ Signal Generators, Educational trainers, Personal Computer, Printers, Laptops, Radars, Fish Finders, GPS.

Biomedical Equipments:

Used X-rays Machines, Anesthesia Machine/ Accessories, Surgical Tables, Ventilators, Surgical Equipment, Surgical Lights, Defibrillators, Medical Stretchers, Infant Incubators, Centrifuge Machines, Infusion Pumps, Endoscopy Equipment, Autoclaves, Blanket Warmer, Cardiac Equipments, Colonoscope, Diagnostic Equipment, EKG-EEG-MRI Machine, Exam Lights/ Tables, Hospital Beds, Infant Warmer, Medical Gas Equipment, Medical Furniture/ Supports, Microscopes, Scale & Weights, Ultrasound Machines/ Probes/ Transducers, Vaporizers, Dental Equipments, Blood Analyzers, Blood Pressure Monitors, CT-Scanners, Power/ Simple Wheel chairs, Pulse Oximeter, Spirometer, Dialysis Machines, other Miscellaneous hospital Accessories and equipments.

For Academic/ Technical/ Engineering students We offer very low prices of Motors, drives and Mechanical assemblies may use in their Final Year Projects.
Please take note. All mentioned used items are dependent upon availability in current stock, otherwise we will propose the equivalent/ Suitable Part or Equipment accordingly.
If you have any query regarding your requirements then feel free to contact eLab to see how our experts will assist you.

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