Testing & Design Verifications

Many design engineers can design a good product that works well during the initial stages of development and testing. However, who would ensure that when the product goes into mass production, most of them are capable for good working condition after using them for a long period of time? In other words, how would you ensure the performance and reliability of this product when it is operated for an extended period of time under varying conditions?  Rugged testing is the answer to this question.

This testing will help the manufacturer to accelerate the aging process of the product and predict its lifecycle, analyze the modes of failure and discarding those products that are not fit to be shipped to the customers or help in removing the design set back weakness in their products.

We propose the testing scenarios for mission critical or safety critical system and also develop custom test benches for your future products according to your needs. It may accelerate your production time and before commission, you are fully confident about the performance of your product/ system.

We deliver both software and hardware based testing solutions, then feel free to contact eLab to see how our experts will assist you.

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