Software & Firmware Design

We specialize in embedded systems design involving 8/16/32bit microcontrollers/microprocessors of all types, covering hardware & firmware/software, along with analog & digital interface circuit designing. We design electronic products from concept to completion.

The design services are supplemented with small quantity production runs so that customers can test out how their product performs in the market. Once satisfied with the initial product, the device can be contract-manufactured at large scale on concessional costs.

We are used to work with partners, who bring different skills to the development of embedded systems and will work with your own engineers as a seamless part of your project team.  Whether you require a turnkey solution, a partner to work on the software, the electronics aspects of your product, eLab can help it out. It is our combination of software and electronics expertise that makes us good at developing embedded products.

We have extensive experience with microcontrollers & processors from Atmel (8051, 8052, AVR, ATmega, ATtiny), Cygnal (C8051FXXX), Dallas Semiconductor (DSXXXX), Microchip (PIC16F, 18F, dsPIC etc), Intel (8085, 8086, 80386, 80486), Motorola (68HCXX), Texas instruments TI (32-bit TMS320XXX), Infineon (C515C), ARM7 Philips LPC2000 series (LPC2129, LPC2138, LPC2148, LPC2168) ARM7 Analog Devices (ADuC70XX).

If you have any query regarding your requirements then feel free to contact eLab to see how our experts will assist you.

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