Reverse Engineering & Functional replacement of obsolete system

The art of disassembling and analyzing an existing product for the purpose of generating documentation. eLab is specialized in reverse engineering of electronics and software products.  Most of our clients come to us not to reverse engineer for a competitor’s product but to reverse engineer their own designs, because they have poor or no documentation on their product or OEM (Original Equipment manufacturer) refuses to support or core designer left that company.   We usually propose following solution to our clients.

  • Propose new product/ system with up-graded features
  • Functionally replace the whole product/ system with new design product/ System
  • Understanding weaknesses within a design and propose the solution to improve the existing Product/ System.
  • If firmware or software locked or unavailable then keep the PCB/ Hardware same and generate the new firmware or software for same product/ system.
  • Reproduce the same product/ system after replicating the existing product/ system.
  • System Integration.

We provide full documentation, schematics, firmware or software and mechanical drawing for all above solutions.  We can provide the following services for reverse engineering solution.

  • Analysis of competitive products
  • Document existing or obsolete products
  • Re-Develop existing products
  • Obsolescence recovery – obsolete parts replacement
  • Schematic CAD generation from existing products
  • Printed Circuit artwork generation from existing products
  • Re-capture of lost PCB layouts
  • Source-code recreation for Microprocessor or PLD/FPGA
  • Re-create & uncover underlying design concepts
  • Upgrade obsolete parts with available components
If you find yourself with the need to reverse engineer a product/ system, then feel free to contact eLab.

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