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eLab is a private consultant firm which provides technical consultancy to commercial, industrial, academic, defense and aerospace sectors.

  • We provide solutions in mix signal circuits, printed circuit boards, power supplies, renewable solutions, reverse engineering, system integration, project management, parts or system procurement, product casings and assemblies to IPC or any given manufacturing standards.
  • Our expertise in analogue custom electronic design extends to signal conditioning sensor circuits in high noise environments, interfacing, and low noise and low signal level systems while including design of op-amps and filters.
  • We specialize in low cost electronic designs with carefully chosen, low cost, cheapest available components of high quality and support.
  • The best reason why you should choose us is our low electronic design costs, fast turnaround time and top notch quality.
  • Do you have a mechanical component that structurally fails? Using FEM techniques we can determine where the stress points are and recommend design changes.
  • eLab Design Consultants is a networked consulting firm that can provide solutions to any of your pursuit and needs. If we do not have the expertise in-house, we know the experts who do and will act as project management to put together all the resources your project needs.
  • Do you have a unit manufacturing cost problem? We can provide quality, offshore production of circuit boards and products, even for low volume quantities that will give you the competitive edge at fair cost.
  • If you are facing problems in existing designed products due to high manufacturing cost, obsolete design parts or system, poor supportability by OEM (Original equipment manufacturer), or you want to up-grade your product we will offer our services to solve all your problems at one place.
  • If you do not require full product development, eLab Design Consultants will provide the same quality services at the sub-system or component level. We will work with the same enthusiasm on your project no matter how small a part it has in the overall system or product.
  • We also offer Used industrial Parts, Machines, Electronic Equipment & Biomedical Equipment at reasonable price. We deal in all type of Motors, Drives, CNC Machines, Contractors / Relays, Cylinders, PLCs, Sensors, Spare parts, Tools & Accessories to cater the need of Industry.

Please feel free to contact eLab for consultation or assistance, regarding your technical problems, always at your service.

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Dr. Syed Ashad Mustufa
Team Leader Design & Development
eLab Solution Provider
Email: am@elabsp.com
Hand phone: +92 300 240 8943
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